Tuesday, May 06, 2008

jumping isn't an option

"We're all on planes. Life is dangerous and complicated and it's a long way down.[...]
You're afraid to change. You rather imagine that you can escape instead of actually try. Because if you fail you got nothing. So you'll give up the chance of something real so that you can hold on to hope. The thing is.. hope is for sissies." - House M.D.


Kevin said...

I really like this quote

Yo me gusta esta cita.

J'adore cette citacion.

I don't know what language you know best, but you probably know one of those(looks like you know english...)

I looked for this quote and found it here, thanks.

Laura said...

Eu também gosto desta citação.

I also like this quote.

(I just had to add the Portuguese.. )

There's been quite a few people landing on my blog in the last few days, google searching words from that quote. My guess is that most people can instantly relate to what it says..

I'm glad to be of help. :)

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