Tuesday, February 27, 2007


mi-a placut azi replica unui profesor la facultate, vis-a-vis de posibilitatea unei colege de a procura niste filme: "daca se da, ia!". ;))

Monday, February 26, 2007


Ce urmeaza este o poveste care nu e creatie proprie, care nu inseamna nimic, si din care puteti intelege ce vreti. Mie mi se pare grozava.

This is a story about how the world was created.
Of course, it is not a true story, just invented, because I wasn't there when it was created, and if I was, I don't remember.

So millions and millions of years ago, when there was no world, no planets and no stars, the only thing that existed was a being called Everything-Nothing.

And after some time, Everything-Nothing got bored, so he created another being called Everything-Nothing. And that was fun for a while, but Everything-Nothing and Everything-Nothing got bored again, so they decided to make the world. They made galaxies, stars, planets, trees, animals, rivers, but after it was all done, they got bored again.

So they invented a game, in which "there" was better then "here", and whoever got "there" faster, would win, and the other would die. Of course, they only pretended to die, because Everything-Nothing can never die or be destroyed.

So when their game wasn't fun anymore, and they got bored again, they decided to forget, and believe that their made-up-game was reality.