Thursday, August 30, 2012


bate un vânt minunat de toamna 

Monday, August 20, 2012

you can't save them all. but for the ones that you do, it makes all the difference

Joana a intrat azi în hostel veselă veselă și nerăbdătoare să-mi povestească ce tocmai făcuse.

A trecut imediat după prânz pe lângă o piață ambulantă unde se vindeau, printre altele, rațe. Rațe vii. Erau unele peste altele, un fel de maldăr de rațe într-o cutie/colivie. Adolescente, nici pui, nici mari. A cumpărat două, câte doi euro fiecare. Mi-o și imaginam în autobuz, o fată frumoasă și puțin nebună, cu niște păsări la subraț. Le-a dus în Jardim da Estrela, unul din cele mai frumoase parcuri din Lisboa, care are printre altele un lac pe care locuiesc niște rațe.

Le-a dat drumul. Îi era frică să nu fie acceptate. Mi-a explicat în detaliu cum s-au dus fericite spre suratele lor, cum dădeau din aripi, cum s-au cunoscut, cum celelalte rațe cam de aceeași vârstă au venit imediat lângă ele și apoi s-au dus toate în apă.

Era fericită Joana. Și rățuștele. Și eu :) 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

10th of August, 2012

I was at this little place where they fix shoes and copy keys, waiting to get 2 keys re-touched. I had been talking earlier to the man operating the machine, about the economy, about life, about our future plans and why some countries are better than others. At this particular moment, I was wondering how the key-copying machine worked, since it's so fast. It seemed totally complicated and was totally in the unknown.

Next thing I know, he asks me whether I knew how it works and if I wanted to make one myself. Hah! So I copied a key. All by myself. And I didn't even have to pay for it, he gave it to me as a present. :)

Also yesterday, was craving cashews (this happens everyday, actually :D) but for some reason didn't buy any. And in the evening, I met with T. who brought me a bag of goodies: strawberries, a bag of nuts'n berries and .. cashews! Perfect treat after a very long day.

Conclusion? My thoughts are producing immediate results. Next step would be to figure out how to be responsible and channel them to the positive side rather than the negative. 

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

summer university

Last 7 days Tamera, Alentejo Portugal

Eco village, community, peace, healing, humans, animals, the planet, people, hugs, love, sincronicity, energy, insights, understanding, vision, hope, creation, creativity, playfulness, responsibility, connection, return to the source, return to the self, rituals, stone circle, tarot, nature, full moon, man-made lakes, vegetarian food, oranges, tamerian tea, tamerian water, cold nights, long eye contact, talks, conversation, inspiration, curiosity, inquiries, answers, revelations, sparking eyes, information, breathing, space, revolution, water, peace, global, simple, being ungovernable, being free.

I've had an amazing week and it's hard to put it into sentences. I'm letting it sink in, figuring out how to integrate the newly found truth and meaning into my life.

Sending out gratitude and love. I am here.

Some words from the Tamera manifesto:
There cannot be peace on earth as long as there is war in love. The new world has overcome all forms of the fight between the genders. Neither chauvinism nor feminism exist. The genders stand as equals beside each other and work together for the same goal, the reunification of life. Questions of monogamy or polygamy, of couple-love or free-love are not ideological or religious questions, but rather questions of personal development and the decision of those who are involved. Love is a natural process, not a legalistic issue. There is no legal claim on love, or right of ownership of a love-partner, but there is great trust and deep solidarity between the female and the male halves of humankind. Sexuality is liberated from all forms of religious suppression, lies, humiliation and violence. It serves - in addition to reproduction - only mutual love, health and joy of life. 

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

little pleasures

Undeva la intersecția între "la barza șchioapă îi face Dumnezeu cuib", "sângele apă nu se face" și "chelului tichie de mărgăritar îi trebuie", am primit acum două zile această minunata bijuterie.

Intenționez să-l folosesc cu cap și să nu pierd vremea pe el. :)

later edit: s-a strigat din public că 1. nu-i șchioapă, e chioară și 2. "ce-i trebuie chelului? tichie de mărgăritar!". nu pot să zic decât că surdul nu le-aude, dar le potrivește :P