Thursday, December 15, 2005

a visionary dreamy state of consciousness

experimentul cu gagicile
you've got to stand up if you want to be free
bailey's coffee
you figure out where the rabbit whole goes..

this is not holland. this is not the netherlands, this is just for tourists. they come, they see, they have fun, a blast, the best, the craziest.. and then they fly away. and we take their money. win-win situation, just don't fall into the illusion that this is holland.

so you've got all this diversity, name it and it's here.. it's the mirage of stuff.. e senzatia de furnicaturi pe care o ai in fata marcii.. we're all branded, si imaginea conteaza.
mi-au zburat o gramada de idei azi prin minte, care in mod evident trebuiau notate, caci acum zburda razlete, incomplete si fara legaturi intre ele, deci imposibil de explicat. there's nothing there.

e prea tarziu si blurry. sunt prea aproape ca sa vad the big picture, so at the moment it's just bits and pieces.

i try to always live in the present.. it's just now and then that i slip.. i slip either into the past or the future, with different scenarios depending on my state of mind and spirit, i slip to the most beautiful paradises (in a mundane context, of course) or into my strongest fears, my denials, basicly my strongest 'no's.. i slalom through ideas and feelings.. i dodge, i crawl and i jump, i run, i sweat, i cry and i yell, i streatch, i smile.... i sleep...

..over and out


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