Sunday, December 25, 2005

de craciun

'women have a way of making things more complicated'

in contextul in care totul este relativ, 'simplu' si 'complicat' se amesteca si se inverseaza la variatia parametrului 'beholder'.. there are some things that you just can not get. just coz you don't choose to..

everything's about the surprise. the surprise of being the same or very different. the difference between expectations and reality, the challenge.. the choice of the same favourite song and the feeling of simultaneous heartbeating.. when yours is rebellious.. the inspiration of whatever you may find appealing (not apalling). funny how everything can be projected into and explained by biology, and how we're so simple that we can't even see it.

miroase a brad si a suc de grapefruit..


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