Saturday, January 19, 2013


I've been thinking a bit about the blog lately. What its purpose is, what I want to do with it. I've heard a few times about friends of friends, people who I never really met, but who mentioned the blog and somehow felt inspired by it. I like that. :) On the other hand, I also know about evil eyes who've been lurking around. And I, as many others, lately, have become less generous with the personal information I freely provide online.

What to do, what to do?

Was thinking of making it private, then I could feel safer about posting more, and it would be available to my friends who want to keep up with what's happening. A lot of adventures coming up, and I won't be able to skype with everyone. Although lately I've become a real fan of skype.

So yea.. what do you think? 


Anonymous said...

Make it ”invitation only” and don't forget to send me one :) love ya.


Coyote said...

Since I'm not in the "friends" department, I would miss reading you. :)
Since I'm not in the "evil eyes" department, I would be collateral damage.
And again, since I'm not in the "friends" department, you should not care much.

I'll miss reading you.

Laura said...

Thank you for both, love you back :)

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