Sunday, March 25, 2012


Towers by Bon Iver from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

So there I was. Walking down Rua Garret, feeling sad, abandoned and unwanted, tears flowing down my face. When these guy who was walking up stopped me and asked if I was crying, and why. I took my earphones out and answered the truth. "Yeah, I am". "Do you want to talk?". "Well.. yea, I do. And do you have a cigarette, maybe?". He gave me a fag and we walked up together to Brasileira. We got together with the rest of his friends, and just talked, laughed, easy-going, supportive. One of them is brazilian. One is a stripper, but he likes women that care more about the soul and the mind of men and not so much about the body. Oh, and he doesn't like tattoos. One of them has a car and said we should go to places this summer. Sintra, beach, whatever. And Julio, Julio didn't talk much. But he was there just when I needed someone. I spent 15 minutes with them and the tears were all gone. When I said I was off to home, they assured me that I can call anytime I need someone and the will ALL come, ALL be there, because they were a group and they help each-other out. Wow.

Again, I was walking down Rua Garret, smiling this time, and this guy says "Boa noite!" to me. I say "Boa noite!" back and then we just start talking. He's with two other girls. Ivonna, Raphaella and Mauro. We talk about Romania, Transilvania, nature, beautiful mountains, Angola, Mozambique, they like me and I like them. Nice, open people. They invited me to a party in their house next weekend and they gave me a ride home. :) Wow.



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