Thursday, December 22, 2011

with love

If we zoom out we'll see a lot of people going to airports and flying home. We get into these iron boxes with wings that take us unnaturally fast to a land of dear. Sometimes also deer, but dear. Drag. Carinho. Most of my friends here are flying out to their home lands and most of the conversations lately have been: So when do you leave? / Come back? / Are you here for New Year's? etc.
I'm going to Switzerland, tomorrow. And I'm excited as hell because it was my idea and it's a damn good one and it's coming true. My parents have never visited my brother who's lived in Zurich for 5 years now. They always find some kind of excuse not to go. Until now, when they couldn't deny THE PLAN: getting the family together on neutral grounds :) So there you have it. We all get a white Christmas with the family + it's in a German country, which I think is the most beautiful setting there can be this time of year.
6 days of playing catan, eating good food, Christmas lights, a perfect Weihnachtsmarkt, singing carols, skiing and gluhwein. I don't know what more I could wish for.

Wish you all a very merry Christmas!


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