Wednesday, January 12, 2011

good karma

So i need to write a motivation letter for a project I'm applying for. In search for inspiration, I opened and decided to listen to the 'good karma' playlist, because, of course, I'm in need of good karma. And then.. whadd'ya know? The fist song that comes up is Gomez-See the world. Now that's what I call good karma :)


iuonalappy said...

a message in 5 minutes, u say? ur wish is my command! :p
so... this morning... in tramvaiul 16... i listened to this song for the first time in ages. and now i come here and see this. what were the odds?! well, i don't now. but i have this warm fuzzy feeling that the odds are good. :) good luck with that letter!
p.s. ur blog is precious. :)

Laura said...

The warm fuzzy feeling has spread, dear Julia, together with a big surprised-child-like smile and the feeling that there might be hope for the world and harmony for the universe after all :)

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