Monday, September 13, 2010

golden september

Who would have thought that spending seven hours on a train could make up a perfect, beautiful Saturday afternoon?

After leaving Bucharest with a horrible mood, I found myself on a train right next to an old friend from high school. It's unbelievable how things sometimes just happen, this perfect planning of the Universe leaves me in awe.

They say that when you are searching for something, the right people and the right experiences come to you. And they do, after this weekend I can totally back that up. I got new leads on figuring out what I wanna do next, I just love it when I find out stuff that I didn't even know I didn't know. :)

Good vibes and apple flowers in September


Anonymous said...

Corect...astept sa vad si eu motivul pt care te-am intalnit:)))) Sau poate l-am aflat, dar nu m-am prins inca:-)

stii tu care:P

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