Wednesday, August 25, 2010

be stupid

by Diesel. They have a whole philosophy. You have to also check out the prints, in case you don't know them already.

În același registru, a fost fondat "The Institute for Brilliant Failures".

 The goal of the Institute of Brilliant Failures is to bring about a shift in the way we view failure - to promote a positive view of failure through the use of stories, film, interactive workshops, and road shows. The institute is our tribute to inventors and those who had the courage to try something different, and our way of laying down a challenge for the rest of us…


Radu said...

Buna ziua,

As fi interesat de un link-exchange intre si blogul dvs . Daca sunteti interesat astept un email pe (Va rog precizati linkul si titlul dorit pentru a va adauga)

Cu respect,
Ursu Radu

(Dupa vizualizare as avea rugamintea ca acest comentariu sa fie sters)

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