Wednesday, January 09, 2008

new year's

My arse hurts like shit.
Today, the price I had to pay for wearing the nice, pretty outfit i put together for the first time ever, was slipping on the stupid snow that no one has cleaned from the sidewalks. I slipped, fell on my back, and hurt my coccyx. Really bad. So now my arse hurts like shit, and also my right arm, because because I can't sit, I have to support myself on my right elbow, since I can't lye on my belly coz then I won't be able to type. It's less complicated than it sounds... but what else is there for me other than complaining? .. :)

Other than this, I've been tagged (a while ago) by Cris. I've been thinking about it, and also about new year's resolutions. So here it is: all I ask from this year is to be happy and satisfied at the end of it, wherever I'll be, whoever I'll be with, whatever I'll be doing. And satisfied with how it turned out. It's a turning point, this year..
And no resolutions. Because I always forget them the next day. And they get sad.. :)

Happy new year.. And be careful on the streets!

(no picture for this text.. I can't think of anything suited)


Cris said...

Hey love, it's still hurting?

Laura said...

...yes. not so bad, but it's still there..

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