Wednesday, June 13, 2007

have no fear, leopard is here! the newest, greatest, dearest most amazing operating sistem in the world!

It's here! It's now! And yes, ladies and gentleman, it's amazing!!

e noul sistem de operare de la Apple, si abia astept sa-mi pun mainile pe el!!

si ceea ce mi se pare foaarte dragut este ca in clipurile de prezentare a diferitelor noi feature-uri, au pe fundal my new favorite song. that's a flattering coincidence...

you get me every time! why d'you have to be so cute..?

check it yourselves:
new beautiful shiny easy-to-use desktop
new time-saving quicklook
new spaces
apple mail! it's all about style, baby
time machine - never lose a file again

more info on

si gata.. inapoi la studiu acum.. big exam in three days


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