Thursday, May 25, 2006


it's like those times when u wanna run away from everything including yourself. and just when you thought you had grown up, or at least outgrown all of this. but i guess it's like that guy once said, 'you're never gonna get there'. it's like no matter how much you learn, whatever things you get, however wise or clever you become, the same old things come back. just when u don't see them coming.

so yeah. 'you're never gonna get there, it's like you're climbing a mountain with no peak, and all you can do is enjoy the trip.' and get better boots, i'd say.

could u whisper in my ear
the things u wanna feel

you're the closest to heaven that i'll ever be
and i don't wanna go home right now

when everything's made to be broken
i just want u to know who i am

yeah you bleed just to know you're alive

sometimes, it's like you don't wanna go on, with anything or anyone. just be.. no energy to nothing, imi aprind o tigara si mi-e cald si atata tot. intelesuri ascunse sunt peste tot, si intelesuri pe care le pot cuprinde, si totusi acum am senzatia clara ca imi scapa ceva, si nu pot mai departe pana nu-l am. it's like running after ghosts, desi am certitudinea ca e un detaliu atat de simplu, ca si cum ar trebui sa deschid usa ca sa pot trece. parca m-am poticnit intr-o usa de sticla, spalata cu clin, si nu gasesc manerul.

sometimes, i'm just waiting for the key..


Suntcalm? said...

He he he i like your iris :). Mocutza, Mecca E (fara timp si loc), drumu'i aci/acum, incearca sa meri, nu sa tzopai :), doar e decemvrie. Oare cum ar suna "Toarna-mi si mie un pahar de Johnnie Jumper!"?

Laura said...

ar suna bine cred..

da, interesanta ideea asta cu mersu'.. asa.. pur si simplu.. da' ma stii si tu de topaita. :) jump around, jump around, jump ahead.. sau walk. on.

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